Red Education

In this episode, we talk to Red Wagner about…Red Wagner and his views on education.

Red Education  (49.1 MBs, 53 Minutes)


Watch the corporation on YouTube, free! (I did indeed go and watch it after we recorded this episode, and I highly recommend it.)

Alfie Kohn’s website


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Tony and Wisconsin

In this episode, we learn more about Tony and discuss the Wisconsin Uprising.

Tony and Wisconsin

50 Megs, 55 Minutes


David Harvey’s site where you can find his “Reading Marx’s Capital”

Jacobin magazine’s site

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Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century

In this episode Red and I review Thomas Piketty’s magnum opus Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

Episode 3-5 Capital in the 21st Century (Length 52 minutes, Size 47.7 MBs)


Links for things that we refer to in this episode:

Esteban Ezequiel Maito’s Piketty against Piketty. The tendency of the rate of profit to fall in United Kingdom and Germany since XIX century confirmed by Piketty´s data

YouTube video explaining exponential growth.

David Harvey’s Review of Capital in the Twenty-First Century


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Socialism and Internet Media

In this episode, Tony and Red discuss how economics are discussed on other popular podcasts.

Socialism and Internet Media


Length: 1 hour 8 minutes

File size: 63 Megs


CPG Grey’s Site

Cracked’s site


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Wages for Facebook

We’re back on youtube.  If you prefer to listen on youtube, here is the link for the “Wages for Facebook” episode.


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Socially Responsible Apps

In this episode Red and I talk about “socially responsible” apps.

Episode 3-3 Socially Responsible Apps (Running time 1:00:15, 55.2 MBs)

Links to things we talk about in this episode:

The main article we are talking about

Slavoj Žižek’s RSA Animate  “First as Tragedy, Then as Farce”

Just Coffee co-op. I recomend the Revolution Roast, it’s what I drink every morning

Here is unfortunatly a really crappy video (though the best one I could find) of Louis C.K.’s bit about the homeless in New York

Occupy Madison’s tiny houses project


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So Close

Sometimes media get so close to saying something Marxist, but then they don’t.

Here’s one I saw today:


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