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Alienation Video

Here is our video for the most recent episode: Advertisements

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Alienation and Capitalism

Alienation is a feeling of disconnection which plagues us. How is this feeling connected to capitalism? Episode 8 – Alienation

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We are on Youtube!

Check out our videos. Here is the most recent episode in video form:

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Episode 7: Historical Materialism

How do Marxists see history? It’s a ball of contradiction always moving, morphing, and changing into something new. Find out more by taking a listen. Episode 7 – Historical Materialism

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Episode 6: Underconsumption

Capitalism is full of contradictions, making it a fragile and unstable system. Take a look at how underconsumption functions in capitalism and how it fits into the crises around us. Episode 6 – Underconsumption Marxism Today Podcast

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