Marxism and Stocks Video


About marxismpodcast

Marxism Today is podcast series designed for beginners and newbies to Marxist theory. The podcast will introduce you to certain topics and ideas central to Marxism and it will show you how Marxist theory can be applied to specific issues in order to understand them.
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6 Responses to Marxism and Stocks Video

  1. spaghetti capiche says:

    thanks – i appreciate your work and please continue to put the mp3’s on, which allows me to listen on cd at leisure

  2. tanuj says:

    Red salute comrade,
    Keep posing such interesting topics.You have made marxism fun learning experience.The biggest problem progressive youths are facing today is how they can apply marxism in today’s world and in this regard your lectures have been very helpfull.But I think your lectures are very small.Maybe you can increase it to 20-25min so that you can go in more details.Also you dont you touch the topic of bourgeois culture and and its influnce on people espicialy among youth and teen.
    Red greetings

    • tanuj says:

      I mean kindly express your thoughts and guidence on the topic ‘Bourgeois culture and its influence’ among people especially among youth.

  3. Hi Tanuj,

    Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them. The issue of Bourgeois culture is very interesting and important. My upcoming episode will delve into advertising and touch on this topic to a certain degree.

    • tanuj says:

      Very nice.Being a youth myself I finds that some of my frnds who are non marxist that bourgeois culture and propoganda affect them adversely.Take a example of pornography,peoples who watch it finds it to be natural but the truth is that it is nothing but bitter exploitation of both women and men who perform such acts to please other and make their living.Often they are given illegel drugs,so that they can prolong the acts.At the end of day its all about making profit.Moreover i find my fiends that they apply the image of girl in pron films to anyone who can be someones mother/sister/wife/gf and they find it ok with it because human to human level of understanding is gone.
      Also take example of ads that features models with great figure having cola drink or other harmful fastfood,and peoples thinks drinking such thinks makes them look cool and handsome but the truth is that it has become greatest reason for obesity.But again obesity has also become multi million dollar industery.I think you can throw more light on this subject and make it more interesting as always.I think marxs and engels were thousand times correct when they said that cultural,philosphical,poltical,religious views of society are superstructure lying on base and it purely belongs/influenced by class who is in power or owns the means of production
      red greeting

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