Tony and Wisconsin

In this episode, we learn more about Tony and discuss the Wisconsin Uprising.

Tony and Wisconsin

50 Megs, 55 Minutes


David Harvey’s site where you can find his “Reading Marx’s Capital”

Jacobin magazine’s site


About marxismpodcast

Marxism Today is podcast series designed for beginners and newbies to Marxist theory. The podcast will introduce you to certain topics and ideas central to Marxism and it will show you how Marxist theory can be applied to specific issues in order to understand them.
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One Response to Tony and Wisconsin

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi guys. I’m listening to your podcast in no real logical order so I just made my way to this one. Red, I thought it was interesting that you were saying that Unions will have workers will have dues automatically deducted even if they aren’t a part of the Union. I remember when I was 18 and didn’t know anything about unions (I greup in Dallas suburbs) that I told the union rep who spoke at my orientation that I didn’t want to pay the dues and was actually able to opt out. She was furious at me and now reflecting back I can see why. I wonder if the ability to opt in and out of dues varies by state.

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