Commodity Fetishism

Join Red Wagner and I as we talk about commodity fetishism and its consequences.

Commodity Fetishism (33.4 MBs, 36 Minutes)


Capital Vol. 1 Chapter 1 Section 4: THE FETISHISM OF COMMODITIES AND THE SECRET THEREOF on the Marxist Internet Archives (This is from the 1st English edition, I would recommend reading the version we mention in the episode, but this is the only version I know of that we can legally link to, it’s says basically the same thing, it’s just has a little less polish)

Again David Harvey’s Reading Marx’s Capital (it is really wonderful)

Late addition: A Reddit user put up this link to the Fairtrade International where you have to apply to get a Fair Trade certification. (Though it is unclear if there are any laws requiring this certification for labeling outside of Sweden.)



About marxismpodcast

Marxism Today is podcast series designed for beginners and newbies to Marxist theory. The podcast will introduce you to certain topics and ideas central to Marxism and it will show you how Marxist theory can be applied to specific issues in order to understand them.
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