Episode 4-3: The Black Panther Party

Hey Everyone,

This episode Red and I are discussing the Black Panther Party. We recorded this episode last week before the terrorist attack in Charleston, in case you’re wondering why we don’t mention it, since it is exactly the type of thing that the Panthers were working to prevent. It also brings to my mind something else we didn’t touch on, the campaign against the Panthers (and other civil rights groups and the left in general) by the police and the FBI. While FBI and police forces worked tirelessly to crush the civil rights movement, they did work of (and some worked with) the white supremacist terrorist groups in the United States, like the KKK, who even though we’re waging a “War on Terror” against, have never been the serious target of the government, because one of the most important functions of the state under capitalism is to be a force of repression, and maintain the privileged status of the capitalists. Which for a country like the United States means the the government will act against progress and the left, and work with, directly or indirectly, the extreme right. From J Edgar Hoover going after Martin Luther Jr. to the NSA plotting with Wall St. executives to assassinate the leaders of Occupy. This latest attack won’t change terror policy, the government won’t go after Neo-Nazis and the KKK with the same gusto it goes after groups who are equally terrible in the Middle East, because we live in a racist society and it is in the interests of the capitalists, and thus the government, to keep racism alive and well. After all if the workers are too busy blaming skin color for the problems that plague our society, they won’t notice the real perpetrators of societal dysfunction, the capitalists.

Episode 4-3: The Black Panther Party (53 Mins, 48 MBs)


Cracked tells us why Forest Gump racist and sexist.

Likewise Cracked tells us why Back to the Future is horrible

And an article about the Red Cross in Haiti that we briefly mentioned



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Marxism Today is podcast series designed for beginners and newbies to Marxist theory. The podcast will introduce you to certain topics and ideas central to Marxism and it will show you how Marxist theory can be applied to specific issues in order to understand them.
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5 Responses to Episode 4-3: The Black Panther Party

  1. Hi Guys- Long time listener first time comment! Firstly, thanks for all you’re doing. I selfishly want to implore you to do more frequent podcasts, but then I’m forced to admit that I should probably support or add to the current work in progress. For now, I’ll just say, I really look forward to each one. I’m grateful to each of you for your much needed voices.

    This one was a favorite. I think what would add to the pod cast would be another member, like the “average joe” additional memeber who joined you some time ago. A third voice adds noteworthy dynamism and brings out the best in each of your styles. Maybe invite guests more often?

    I’d really like to see you guys do a Google live chat on Youtube. If you publicize it for a while on the pod cast, people will watch! I know I would. These aren’t too common for the leftist camp, and honestly, Youtube is awash in right wing propaganda. Most of the socialist and related entities have a very limited prescence there, and I see this as a missed opportunity for outreach.

    I’d like to continue to hear more about how Marxist theory and life amidst the capitalist state carries on…more praxis oriented stuff. I think people need encourgament and ideas about how to form groups, organize, gather information, discern their place amongst the confusing leftist diaspora, etc etc. I know I would find that quite useful.

    I’m also looking forward to a show about Marxist themes in current music and media, but something like a radical playlist and commentary would be pretty cool.

    Many Thanks,

    In solid,

    Left of Lenin,
    Green Bay.

    • I agree that I prefer podcasts that are weekly, but for the time being every other week is how it’s going to be. We do this on the side if work, school (for me), and family so our current release schedule already pushes the bounds of what we have the time to do, but hopefully we’ll be able to do more frequent some day in the future. A live chat would be fun, we both really enjoy engaging with our listeners, so I’ll have to discuss with Red about doing that in the future. As for more guests goes the next two (or maybe three depending on how we edit it) are with Colby Keller (communist, artist and porn performer) so look forward to that as he was wonderful to talk with.

      • Thanks for the reply. I wonder if even video taping the podcast and posting on Youtube would make for an additional contribution? I’m likley sounding obsessed, but I’m continually dissapointed by the turgidity of the progressice material, not mention revolutionary material, available there. I see something like what you guys do as representative of exactly what helps unify the left a little more. Thanks for the plenty you’re already doing!

    • Also I agree that the dynamic with three is good, there are just often scheduling conflicts with Thad and others that make it hard to do all the time.

  2. Bfanonestaboutit says:

    Hey, Thanks for this episode, I think as leftists we all need to learn a broad history of struggle and if we consider that the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense may be the most advanced level of revolutionary organizing/program implementation in the United States history, we should also not forget that the civil rights and militant liberation movements arose in this country, in response to, successful liberation/anti-colonial struggles in the Global South (3rd world.) The Internationalist character of the movement I believe is what provoked the extreme government suppression, the counter-insurgency campaign of the government ,at that time, introduced the SWAT team, and other militarized police units hence creating some of the worst police culture of the modern era. The leaders were killed or imprisoned many to this day, if the capitalist state took them this seriously we must look seriously at the political line they aimed to make capitalists quiver so….

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