Episode 4-5: Greece

Hello comrades,

This episode Red and I discuss the current state of the Sanders campaign and a rally that we attended here in Madison. We also talked about what’s (or what was as of a week ago) happening in Greece.

Episode 4-5: Greece (1 Hour 31 mins, 83 MBs)


From Alpha 2 Omega’s episode with Yanis Varoufakis

Varoufakis blog post talking about his resignation 

“Behind every fascism, there is a failed revolution.” – Walter Benjamin



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Marxism Today is podcast series designed for beginners and newbies to Marxist theory. The podcast will introduce you to certain topics and ideas central to Marxism and it will show you how Marxist theory can be applied to specific issues in order to understand them.
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3 Responses to Episode 4-5: Greece

  1. I wonder what your opinion is on the economic implications of the treatment of Greece by Germany and the EE, for the economy here at home? Some thoughts on how this will effect the US, and what to anticipate, prepare for and organize about?

    Green Bay

    • It depends on how much the eurozone is ultimately hurt by this, if it keeps on the way it has and probably will with the acceptance of this stupid deal, it will be slightly disadvantageous for the US economy because it will hurt our exports to Europe. If the whole thing blows up, which may happen as the shitty deal doesn’t solve the problem, then it will probably drag the US and the world back onto formal recession if not depression.


  2. A pity, but possibly as capitalism continues to grind away at the species/being of the alienated worker, my hope is that class consciousness and a unifled Left might emerge, emboldened.

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