Red Star Radio

Hey Comrades,

   Red and I were guests on a new podcast called Red Star Radio. You can find their SoundCloud page here and rss feed for your podcast apps here. Give them a listen and let them know what you think. I will also say that I personally find it very inspiring to see such young and knowledgeable comrades coming together to help further the left movement.


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Ideology is Messy

Ideology is not just sneaky, it’s also messy.  Thad, Tony, and Red continue their discussion on the Pervert’s Guide to Ideology and discuss how nobody has ideology under control and how it works in unforeseen ways.


(32 MBs, 35 Mins)

Ideology is Messy


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Ideology is Sneaky

In this episode Red, Tony and Thad talk about how ideology works in many different ways, often ways that are not apparent or secondary to it’s primary purpose.  We also discuss the Slavoj Zizek film, “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology”.

40 MBs, 44 Mins.

Ideology is Sneaky

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Episode 4-13: Dem Debate

Hey Everybody,

For something a little different Red and I watched last night’s (11-14-15) Democratic Party debate with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley. This episode is our comments and thoughts on the debate.

Episode 4-13: Dem Debate (47 Mbs, 51 mins)


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New Episode: Anarchy and Marxism

You asked for an episode on Anarchy, and here it is.  Red and Tony discuss different types of Anarchy, it’s strengths and flaws, as well as some famous anarchists.

Anarchy and Marxism

26Mbs, 28 Mins


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Episode 4-11: Manifesto Minute

Hello Everyone,

This episode Red and I read some messages you’ve sent us, and we discuss a passage from the Communist Manifesto.

Episode 4-11: Manifesto Minute (42 mins 41 MBs)


A is for Atom

Bomb by Steve Sheinkin


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Capitalism and the Environment

Red and Tony discuss the relationship between capitalism and the environment.
45 mins, 42 MBs
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