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New Episode: Anarchy and Marxism

You asked for an episode on Anarchy, and here it is.  Red and Tony discuss different types of Anarchy, it’s strengths and flaws, as well as some famous anarchists. Anarchy and Marxism 26Mbs, 28 Mins   Advertisements

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Colby Does Marxism Today Part 1

Red and Tony interview adult entertainment worker Colby Keller about his current project, the supreme court’s gay marriage decision, and the nature of marriage in our society. Colby Does Marxism Today Episode 4-6.  40 MB.  43 Minutes.

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Episode 3-17: Human Nature and the State

Does Communism require an oppressive state to function?  Does Capitalism?  Does Human Nature make communism impossible?  What is the role of the State, and what do Marxists mean when they talk about it withering away?  Have Republicans been reading Engels? … Continue reading

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Episode 3-15: Capitalist Ideology and Kids Movies

In this episode, Tony, Thad, and I discuss how capitalist ideology finds it’s way into culture and analyze the children’s film “Bee Movie” as an example. Capitalist Ideology and Kids’ Movies (54MB, 60 minutes) -Red

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Epsisode 3-13: Amazon

Tony and Red discuss how Amazon works and how it’s a great example of capitalism. Amazon (40 minutes long and 37 megabytes) Here are links to articles, the bookstore, and the Cracked podcast that we mention in the Episode. http://www.isthmus.com/daily/article.php?article=43651Continue reading

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Commodity Fetishism

Join Red Wagner and I as we talk about commodity fetishism and its consequences. Commodity Fetishism (33.4 MBs, 36 Minutes) Links: Capital Vol. 1 Chapter 1 Section 4: THE FETISHISM OF COMMODITIES AND THE SECRET THEREOF on the Marxist Internet Archives (This is from … Continue reading

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Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century

In this episode Red and I review Thomas Piketty’s magnum opus Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Episode 3-5 Capital in the 21st Century (Length 52 minutes, Size 47.7 MBs)   Links for things that we refer to in this episode: Esteban Ezequiel … Continue reading

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