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Hey everyone,

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Episode 4-5: Greece

Hello comrades,

This episode Red and I discuss the current state of the Sanders campaign and a rally that we attended here in Madison. We also talked about what’s (or what was as of a week ago) happening in Greece.

Episode 4-5: Greece (1 Hour 31 mins, 83 MBs)


From Alpha 2 Omega’s episode with Yanis Varoufakis

Varoufakis blog post talking about his resignation 

“Behind every fascism, there is a failed revolution.” – Walter Benjamin


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Episode 4-4: The Space Economy

Hello Everybody,

First of all I’d like to say congrats to Greece for voting against the austerity and rejecting the harsh terms of the bailout 61% to 39%. Secondly this episode Red and I discuss Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and the economics of outer space.

Episode 4-4: The Space Economy (43 mins, 39 MBs)

space economics


Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Google Lunar X Prize Video

Moon Express

Planetary Resources

Deep Space Industries

Nasa’s Asteroid Redirect Mission 

European Space Agency’s Rosetta Mission  Around the comet.

Nasa’s Dawn Mission in the asteroid belt.

Mars One




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Episode 4-3: The Black Panther Party

Hey Everyone,

This episode Red and I are discussing the Black Panther Party. We recorded this episode last week before the terrorist attack in Charleston, in case you’re wondering why we don’t mention it, since it is exactly the type of thing that the Panthers were working to prevent. It also brings to my mind something else we didn’t touch on, the campaign against the Panthers (and other civil rights groups and the left in general) by the police and the FBI. While FBI and police forces worked tirelessly to crush the civil rights movement, they did work of (and some worked with) the white supremacist terrorist groups in the United States, like the KKK, who even though we’re waging a “War on Terror” against, have never been the serious target of the government, because one of the most important functions of the state under capitalism is to be a force of repression, and maintain the privileged status of the capitalists. Which for a country like the United States means the the government will act against progress and the left, and work with, directly or indirectly, the extreme right. From J Edgar Hoover going after Martin Luther Jr. to the NSA plotting with Wall St. executives to assassinate the leaders of Occupy. This latest attack won’t change terror policy, the government won’t go after Neo-Nazis and the KKK with the same gusto it goes after groups who are equally terrible in the Middle East, because we live in a racist society and it is in the interests of the capitalists, and thus the government, to keep racism alive and well. After all if the workers are too busy blaming skin color for the problems that plague our society, they won’t notice the real perpetrators of societal dysfunction, the capitalists.

Episode 4-3: The Black Panther Party (53 Mins, 48 MBs)


Cracked tells us why Forest Gump racist and sexist.

Likewise Cracked tells us why Back to the Future is horrible

And an article about the Red Cross in Haiti that we briefly mentioned


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Episode 4-2: Assassin’s Creed

Hello Everyone,

This episode Red and I discuss some comments we got from our last episode, a bit more about value theory, and discuss the newly announced Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and how it may be focused around class struggle and may even have an appearance by Marx himself.

Episode 4-2: Assassin’s Creed (27 MBs, 30 mins)


Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate trailer


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Episode 4-1: Sanders for President

Hello everybody,

After our little break, we are back. This episode we’re talking about Bernie Sanders and his bid for president.

Episode 4-1: Sanders for President (49 mins, 45 MBs)

As a bonus here is the picture of Henry sporting his red diaper that we talked about.

henry red diaper


The page for Sanders 2016 presidential campaign

From the DSA Democratic Left blog, The Case for Bernie Part 1 and Part 2

From the Jacobin, Bernie for President?

and finally from New Politics, Bernie Sanders is a thoroughbred—why call him a stalking horse?


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Podcast Update

Happy May Day! So you’ve probably noticed that we haven’t posted a new episode in a bit. Don’t worry we’re not stopping, we’re taking a short break. Two days after our last episode went up my second child was born. That plus end of the semester crunch, and Red is in a crunch time at work, so we decided that it may be a good time to take a short break. Expect new episodes to start again later this month.


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