Trump vs The World


This episode we’re discussing Trump’s foreign policy and more (where the conversation wanders around to). Apologies again for the electric noises, we recorded this immediately after the previous episode, so we were still unaware of the problem when we recorded.

Trump vs The World


The drone strike app

Article from The Intercept (ok both are from The Intercept, this is the one about right wing terrorism in the US)

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UK Elections



So in an always timely manner we’re discussion the elections in the UK, that happened about a month ago. Nevertheless it’s a good discussion and one of us correctly predicts what did happen. Also apologies for the few electrical clicks that are in here, it looks like we may need to get some new mic cords.

UK Elections


Here’s the CGP Grey videos on the City of London:

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Trump Land, Part 2

Hello comrades,

Here is part 2 of our discussion about Trump. First off I’d like to apologize about the eating sounds in the last, there are a few in this one that I wasn’t able to remove as well, so apologies. There also was some electronic clicking for a little bit (I think we may be in need of some new mic cords), so apologies for that as well. We pick up our discussion from last time talking about the Democrats, the resistance to Trump, the Democratic Socialists of America, G.W. Bush, and of course our fascist president.

Trump Land, Part 2


Comrade Trevor Hill politely grilling Pelosi:


The Article by Seth Ackerman that I got the name wrong on (it’s “A Blueprint for a New Party”):


And I, Tony, was wrong. I was conflating these two statements:

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New Episode! Trump Land, Part 1

Hey everyone,

Been a while. You’ll notice that we say in this episode that we recorded this on the day of the French elections, which is a bit ago already. The reason for the lag is that we wanted to build up a backlog of recordings so that even we aren’t able to get together and record for a while, there will not be a gap in our releases for months at a time. We really enjoy doing the podcast (and we hope that you enjoy listening). We don’t aim to have months of time without any episodes, but sometimes life (and busy schedules) gets in the way. We hope to put out new episodes every two weeks for you.

Right then, the last episode we did dealt with the election. This episode we discuss our thoughts on Trump and his administration. We talked a long time on this, so this is just part one of two.

Trump Land, Part 1


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Episode 5-5: The Election


This episode Red, Thad, and I discuss the election.

Episode 5-5: The Election (39 Mbs, 51 mins)


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Is America Already Socialist?

No, but are government programs like libraries and public utilities socialist programs?  Could they be a path to a new society?  How can you use them to talk to people about socialism?

Is America Already Socialist?



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Episode 5-3: Talking Hegemony with Elena Levy-Navarro

Hello everyone,

We’re back (and yes we will be resuming our regular every other week release schedule). This episode Red and I sat down with a former professor of mine, Elena Levy-Navarro, to discuss hegemony.

Episode 5-3: Episode 5-3: Talking Hegemony with Elena Levy-Navarro (53 mins, 32 MBs)


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