Episode 3-16: The Falling Rate of Profit with guest Tom O’Brien

Hey everybody, for this episode Red and I were joined by a very special guest, Tom O’Brien, who is the host of the wonderful From Alpha to Omega podcast. The three of us discuss Marx’s law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall. I must say, I started out on the fence about this topic, but after listening to some of Tom’s podcast where he discusses it, and after talking with him here, I’m convinced that is correct and that it has very important effects and implications.

Episode 3-16: The Falling Rate of Profit with Tom O’Brien (57 Mins. 52 MBs)


First and foremost, a link to the From Alpha to Omega podcast. This is one of Red and My favorite podcasts. If you like our podcast you will undoubtedly like Tom’s. Seriously, I cannot recommend it enough:


The book Wobblies!: A Graphic History of the Industrial Workers of the World, Edited by Paul Buhle and Nicole Schulman:



Capital in Manga! by Red Quill Books, who also do the mentioned Illustrated Communist Manifesto:



The Communist manifesto on librivox:


Or if you would prefer to read the Manifesto here is the link to it on the Marxist Internet Archives:



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Episode 3-15: Capitalist Ideology and Kids Movies

In this episode, Tony, Thad, and I discuss how capitalist ideology finds it’s way into culture and analyze the children’s film “Bee Movie” as an example.

Capitalist Ideology and Kids’ Movies (54MB, 60 minutes)


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Episode 3-14: State and Revolution – the State and Transition

We all read Lenin’s State and Revolution, and in this episode Red, Thad, and I discuss Lenin’s definition of the state, and the transition from capitalism to socialism.

State and Revolution – the State and Transition (42 minutes, 38 MBs)


The State and Revolution (Marxist Internet Archives)

– Tony

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Epsisode 3-13: Amazon

Tony and Red discuss how Amazon works and how it’s a great example of capitalism.


(40 minutes long and 37 megabytes)

Here are links to articles, the bookstore, and the Cracked podcast that we mention in the Episode.




Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative

Cracked podcast episode on how corporations use the science of addiction against us


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Now on Reddit

Looking for a good place to have a discussion about the an episode of the podcast? Something we missed, or a topic you want to hear about? Good news, we’ve made a Marxism Today subreditt for just that sort of thing.


-Red & Tony

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Is altruism necessary for socialism to work, and who will be the janitors in a socialist society

In the episode Red Wagner, Tony Schmitt, and Thad discuss if altruism is necessary for the functioning of socialism, and who will be the janitors in a socialist society.

Episode 3-12 (30 minutes, 28 MBs)

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Socialism and Communism

Episode 3-11

Socialism and Communism

Tony, Thad, and Red discuss the terms Socialism and Communism.

Socialism and Communism

(27 minutes, 25 MB)


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