Episode 4-4: The Space Economy

Hello Everybody,

First of all I’d like to say congrats to Greece for voting against the austerity and rejecting the harsh terms of the bailout 61% to 39%. Secondly this episode Red and I discuss Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and the economics of outer space.

Episode 4-4: The Space Economy (43 mins, 39 MBs)

space economics


Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Google Lunar X Prize Video

Moon Express

Planetary Resources

Deep Space Industries

Nasa’s Asteroid Redirect Mission 

European Space Agency’s Rosetta Mission  Around the comet.

Nasa’s Dawn Mission in the asteroid belt.

Mars One





About marxismpodcast

Marxism Today is podcast series designed for beginners and newbies to Marxist theory. The podcast will introduce you to certain topics and ideas central to Marxism and it will show you how Marxist theory can be applied to specific issues in order to understand them.
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